Background Info

Insula is a UK company based in Leicestershire, England. We have been at the forefront of structural thermal break R&D and design since the Building Regulations introduced the requirement to minimise heat loss through cold bridging within buildings. Insula therefore developed a concept in structural thermal break design which lead to the Intellectual Property Office granting a Certificate of Patent ‘for a structural connection having a thermal break’. Since this Patent was granted further applications are pending and the designs registered with the Intellectual Property Office. 

 Insula has been a company led by innovative design. We have responded to the needs of the construction industry by developing products that combine with the structural thermal break such as building connection systems and bolt-on architectural elements (balconies, canopies etc.). Our real world tested products allow architects and structural engineers to specify them with confidence and eliminate the significant costs associated with designing a bespoke, and often untested, architectural and/or structural solution. 

Insula design and manufacture all of its products from its offices and workshop located on the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire border combining architecture, structural engineering and workshop production.

Our philosophy

As building designs and construction methods can vary dramatically from project to project ; Insula take this in-house approach to achieve a flexible design and production process which allows us to adapt our range of products, if necessary, to meet the project requirements and deliver practical and cost-effective solutions.

About our future

We endeavor to remain at the forefront of innovation and strive for excellence in thermal connectivity.