ThermConX Thermal Breaks can be incorporated into almost any structural connection, such as steel to steel, steel to concrete & concrete to concrete connections, and orientated both vertically and horizontally. This provides building designers and structural engineers with greater flexibility when designing the building structure and ensures that the requirement to avoid thermal bridging does not limit the design intent.

 ThermConX Thermal Breaks can be incorporated into construction situations that require a thermal break to withstand extreme loads.

A standard ThermConX Thermal Break has an overall thickness 80mm comprising of steel plates sandwiching Insula IsoPoly insulating composite with a non-continuous fixing through the thermal break which achieves a superior performance to Thermal Plates at reducing heat loss / gain (thermal bridging) and condensation risk with associated mould growth.


IsoPoly is a composite material that has been designed, tested and developed by Insula for the specific use as a structural thermal break / plate with properties of high compressive strength and a substantially lower thermal conductivity than structural materials such as steel and concrete. IsoPoly is manufactured by Insula within our purpose built facility to ensure quality control and product consistency.


Insula offer a range of standard ThermConX Thermal Breaks sizes and if required our technical team can design bespoke thermal breaks.



ThermConX are the only thermal break connections able to dramatically reduce heat loss whilst still retaining the full structural integrity of the connection

Steel to Steel

Concrete to Concrete

Concrete to Steel